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Performance! Features

Performance! Sizing Program helps you identify the control valve package best suited to each set of service conditions. It provides a fast, user-friendly and flexible means for:

  • Sizing, selecting and generating valve and actuator specifications
  • Data entry and verification
  • Importing and Exporting all spec sheet fields

Performance! is available as a Stand-Alone software or as a Client-Server software. In the first case, executable files and the database are stored locally in the computer. In the second case, executable files and the database are shared in a server and multiple users can access to the same database and then share valves.

Valve Manager

With this screen you will be able to: create customers, projects and valves, search/sort to locate and group valves, price the valves, create parts quote, and so on.


With this screen, you will be able to enter/change/modify: Flow Conditions, Fluid Descritions, Valves, Trims, Actuators, Pipe characteristics, and so on.


The Performance! Specifications dialog is used to specify materials and other valve options, and where applicable, to price the valve. Specification allows the user to view the specifications and clarifications for each valve component. It also servers as user entry to the Pick (Attribute) dialog. The Pick (Attribute) Dialog allows the user to specify each part of a valve component from a list of choices. To change the value for a component, double-click on a specific attribute.


The Pricing screen is used to price valves, manage discounts, mulptipliers, and currencies.

Actuator Details

The Actuator Detail and Override screen gives specific sizing information as well as certain overriding capabilities. The screen has four sections: Calculation Parameters, Sizing Forces, Override Selection List and Push Buttons.

Spec Printout

Custom Export and Import

Custom Export: The Custom Export option enables you to have the custom export functionality. On selecting this radio button, the Custom Export dialog is displayed. This dialog enables the export of the valves from pre-configured templates supplied by customers. The customers are selected from Pre-Loaded Template Customer and Project drop-down list boxes.

Custom Import: This option is used to import valve records of your customized format into Performance! and then size them.

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