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Configure Performance!

This is the first thing you should do just after a new Performance! installation.

Configure menu is located in the Valve Manager


Select your preferred manufacturing site. This setting will be the default on all new projects created from now onwards.

Tip: The project manufacturing site is the default manufacturing site for new valve records.

Prepared By

Enter your personal information. Your personal information will be printed on the Specification header.

Global Sizing Default

See Configure for more details


See Configure for more details

Registry Editor

See Registry and Configure for more information. The Registry does not require any modification.

Unit System

See Configure for more details.

Price / Product Activation Codes

On the Representative Version, enter Activation and Prices Codes. These codes are only provided by the Flowserve sales support for external users or by the local Sales Manager for Flowserve employees.

See Configure for more details.

Regional Options

Default language is English. If you have any doubts about the language, please refer to this language. Define the default Currency Symbol for all projects.

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