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Update Performance! (Quick Update)

  • This Quick Update is only requested by Performance! itself and usually just after a synchronization.

When you log into Performance!, the synchronization will run. Following the synchronization, a dialog box will open. Click OK and then Performance! will be closed. Also, a web page will open with instructions to download and install the upgrade file. Please follow the instructions on this webpage to complete the upgrade.

Dialog Box example:


All Users:

Professional IT:

Performance! is available is a Stand-Alone software or as a Client-Server software. In the first case, executable files and the database are stored locally in the computer. In the second case, executable files and the database are shared in a server and multiple users can access to the same database and then share valves.

Why updates ?


Updates are required when the Performance! Engine needs to be replaced.

Performance! Database:

Performance! Engine:

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