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Tips and Tricks

1. Database Backup or save your valves to prevent a disaster. :!:

2. To remove overrides (values shown in magenta) on an item, click on it with the right mouse button.

3. Using the Hot Keys often speeds your navigation through Performance!.

4. You may cut, copy, or paste a column of process conditions by left-clicking on the column header and then selecting the appropriate action.

5. Export the highlighted valve records in the Valve Manager to a .DB file by selecting the Import/Export... button and then choosing Export Valve Records to DB. DB files may also be attached to e-mail messages and used by anyone else who has a copy of the Performance! software.

6. Compress the exported .DB files by zipping them to decrease file size dramatically.

7. Always use diferent Tag Names on valves: New Valves...

Sizing Precautions

1. Microsoft Windows has a large font mode, which draws all font sizes larger than normal. If you run Performance! using large fonts, some screens will not display correctly. To correct this problem, right-click on your system desktop and click the Properties option. On doing so the Display Properties dialog is displayed. Next, go to the Appearance tab and change the Font Size to Normal.

2. Do not enter a single quote ( ‘ ) in any text input boxes. In some cases, the program will replace the quote with a space, but in other cases, it will cause a strange looking error and your data will be incorrect.

3. If Other is selected for pipe size and then removed, the program will not put the word Other back in the box. If the pipe size is typed in manually, then the pipe schedule will be blank.

4. When using gage the pressure units or metric temperature units, the unused condition columns may have negative values for temperature and pressure. Do not zero these out because invalid condition message will appear when the Size Valve and Actuator button is hit.

NOTE: If you did zero out columns with negative values, the column will need to be cleared by left-clicking on the column header and choosing the Delete option.

5. Blue process conditions indicate that a MegaStream plate has been sized. Remove the plate before changing process conditions, then replace it after the valve has been sized.

Specification Precautions

1. Sizing attributes can only be changed in the Sizing dialog.

2. Sizing may fire rules to update the specifications. Complete as much sizing information as possible before specifying the rest of the components in specifications.

3. When working in Specifications, work from the top down in each tab of the Performance! Specifications dialog.

4. Choosing a specific value in Performance! Specifications dialog generally blocks rules from changing that value. To reset the status of the attribute left-click on the Value column for the given attribute.

5. If a specification item is changed, remember to regenerate prices, otherwise inaccurate prices may appear on the forms.

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